Technical Information

MIXOL® Universal tinting concentrates have been a reliable and trusted companion of the painting trade for over 60 years.

Despite relatively simple application, questions about application details are repeatedly asked.

To achieve an optimal result with MIXOL®, there are a few rules to follow.

Please read the application tip, which is available in several languages, carefully!

General guidance

Information about lightfastness and weather resistance

MIXOL® Tinting Concentrates - Applications

Oxide Tints

When and Why are they used?

  • In all silicate paints and coatings!
  • In all mineral building materials!
  • In all silicone resin paints and coatings!
  • In all varnishes low in, or free from aromatic compounds!
  • In insulating varnishes, sealers as well as in exterior paints containing solvents!

Please read the following general information about our oxide shades and our special application tips.

Application Tips for Oxide Tints

Low-aromatic and aromatic-free coating systems

More and more paint systems of the new, so-called "aromatic-free" generation are being offered by manufacturers on the paint market.

  • What are "aromatics"?
  • Can aromatic-free systems still be tinted with MIXOL® Universal tinting concentrates?

Please read the application tip "Aromatic-free paint systems".