Technical Information

MIXOL® Metallic Effect Concentrates are water-based pigment pastes with high proportions of gold bronze, aluminum and pearlescent pigments. The metallic effect is best achieved when MIXOL® Metallic Concentrates are added to transparent coating systems.

Depending on the amount added, effects in gold, silver or copper can be achieved, ranging from a slightly shimmering glitter effect to a covering metallic look.

By adding MIXOL® tinting concentrates, an endless number of nuances can be created.


As a rule, water-based or water-thinnable, unpigmented or weakly pigmented paint systems can be tinted with MIXOL® metallic concentrates, e.g. decorative fillers, decorative, wall, wood and concrete glazes, wood sealers, water-based paints, plastic, satin and alkyd resin paints.In der Regel sind wasserbasierende oder wasserverdünnbare, unpigmentierte bzw. schwach pigmentierte Anstrichsysteme mit den MIXOL® Metallic-Konzentraten abtönbar, so z.B. Decorspachtelmassen, Deco-, Wand-, Holz- und Betonlasuren, Holzsiegel, Wasserlacke, Kunststoff-, Seidenglanz- und Alkydharzlacke.

Recommended maximum amount to be added:

  • With dispersions approx. 10%
  • With varnishes, colourless coatings, glazes approxn ca. 3-5%

Stir in slowly using a stirring apparatus, if available!

When using white or coloured pigment coatings such pigments may under certain conditions hide the metal flakes of the added metallic paste to impede a metallic effect. Thus appropriate preliminary tests should be performed before tinting such materials.

When using materials sensitive to water or solvent-based as well as special materials incompativilities may arise depending on type and brand. Thus MIXOL®-Metallic Concentrates cannot be generally used with every material!

Please in any case perform preliminary tests to exclude viscosity problems (thickening of the tinted materials) and incompatibilities with the materials to tint before-hand!

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