Compact Plastic Display Unit - MIXOL®

Our compact Plastic Display Unit presents the 3 different bottle sizes of MIXOL in a compact unit.

The Plastic Display Unit is available empty as well as filled.

We deliver our compact Plastic Unit empty with:

  • colour poster
  • colour cards
  • colour card holder
  • colour stickers

The unit can be equiped with

  • 1 Wire Display on top level
    (Art. Nr.: 144307 Display + 144406 filling)
  • 5 x 200 ml + 2 x 500 ml each colour

Measures: 152 cm x 61 cm x 37 cm

Please choose your favourite colours and order it together with the above mentioned articles.

Important information about our products

For more details, please refer to the safety data sheets and technical information available in various languages.
Color charts can be ordered free of charge.